Meditation and rock-climbing: become a crusher and have more fun

Photo by Kyle Harbour is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Rock climbers do a thing called “projecting,” which is working out the details of a challenging route, or a “project,” until the climber is able to climb to the top without falling. We call this achievement “sending a project,” or “sending a route.” A tough project can take days, months or even years to finally send.  I’ve sent a few projects lately and every time I do, I want to celebrate with others. I want people to bake me a cake, carry me on their shoulders and sings songs about me for generations. But after a high-five or two, it seems like nobody cares.

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Cheering everyone up

ApartmentsCheering myself up is not just about making myself happy when I feel sad. It is a core element of the Buddhist path. Cheering myself up is something I try to extend into all aspects of my life by paying attention to conscious and unconscious ceremonies. By generating an uplifted state of being, I am not only growing my own capacity for love, forgiveness, patience and wisdom, I am also better equipped to help others recognize their own basic goodness. Continue reading “Cheering everyone up”

When I Was A Werewolf

werewolfSometimes my mind spins itself into a frenzy of negative thinking. It usually happens at night, when my body feels tired and the outside world is full of terrors. My mind transforms me into a werewolf. I go down this terrifying path and eventually fall asleep in a heap of fearful trembling. The next morning I awaken without fur or fangs. I wonder what the hell happened and how I can escape my mind when it gets like this. Continue reading “When I Was A Werewolf”